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Are nicotine replacement aids unsuccessful for you? relapsing intermittently? are you looking for a fresh start from a stale habit? experience VAPING as an alternative measure less harmful on your health & wealth than cigarette smoking now!
We provide advocacy through the Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy (AVCA) services plus a referral for smokers transitioning to vaping through AVCA's Vape it Forward (VIF) scheme in supplying heavily reduced starter kits as well as links to trusted vendors offering kits for beginner vapers.


  • I have been educating and advocating vaping as an alternative option for smokers from combustible cigarettes since 2010 and intrinsically know vaping is an integral part of the transitioning process, so in 2014 established Wellyvapez Advocacy to best inform and incentivise smokers in minimising exposure to tobacco related afflictions by switching to a less harmful delivery method. We are a community site for novice vapers to veteran vape hobbyists all over who share an enthused interest in tobacco harm reduction, vaping topics, vape pics, reviews/tips, vaping news/blogs & resource information with a strong focus on advocacy, check out the links on top of our page such as: Vape Vids & Events to gain a perspective of the lifestyle changing sub-culture of vaping and what's emerging on the vape scene.

  • visit Vape Tutorials & Vape Files for vapers to develop an understanding of the basic variables and safety principles associated with vaping as well as smokers contemplating switching and just needing information on transitioning to vaping to best achieve effective cessation from analogs altogether!

  • WellyVapez in collaboration with AVCA endeavour to stay in touch with ever changing regulatory laws and health policies with emerging evidence based research on vaping and it's effects, accessed here in Vape Advocacy & Vape Files as new studies arise, as well as keeping updated via the Vape Advocacy Education Project in VAEP Video's that was set up by a registered nurse to keep people informed of the truth about vaping, plus keep up to date with the Vape News & Resources section for all your commentary on vaping around the globe.

  • Visit Local Vendors & National Vendors to access stockists who can accommodate for all your vaping requirements.

  • Peruse through some easy listening Vape Soundz & Gallery, or if you're into supporting vaping through wearing our apparel then visit our Print Mighty charity shop in Vapewear.

  • Click on the top links to find an international stockist in Global Nicotine Wholesalers for DIYing or purchasing of nicotine, or else Vape Hardware International for global wholesalers in gadgets & electronics.

  • Check out everything that's vape related from the UK in Vape Club UK, or if you're an avid MTL vaper looking for a good baccy flav from our own kiwi mixologists then check out NZ Tobacco Flavours.

  • Check out what's happening on the vape scenes around the globe in our Vape Magazines, or if you're inclined to feel charitable then you can make a donation for the cause in our Give-a-Little link.

  • Scroll down on the right-hand side of this page to visit important vape sites ranging from advocacy to other sites of vape related resources.

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